Innovative adhesive solutions designed for lightweight construction

Today adhesive technology offers many advantages: light, clean and, above all, safe to use.

For decades Lohmann has providing reliable classic pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes. Now Lohmann has developed solutions for the semi and structural bonding of a wide variety of bonding media. The products from the DuploTEC® SBF series are based on the same chemistries used in the matrix of lightweight materials and are therefore ideal in this technology. The threaded stud fastener from bigHead is a good example of potential applications.

The Lohmann solution: Epoxy tapes and polyurethane foils. The Bonding Engineers extensive portfolio offers the right solution for every requirement, from double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes such as DuploCOLL® 370, with its high initial tack and high adhesive grammage is perfect for bonding on rough substrates, to systems that combine the advantages of liquid adhesives and adhesive tapes, for glass-to-metal, carbon fibre or magnet bonding.