How Self-clinching Fastening Solutions & Advice from Zygology Can Improve Your Assembly Processes

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Self-clinching fastener technology has advanced significantly since it was first introduced in 1942 to enable load-carrying threads in metal sheets too thin to be tapped.

This technology has allowed the development of ever-thinner & lighter end-product designs providing permanent & reusable load-bearing threads to accept mating hardware in metal sheets too thin to be tapped or where extruded or stamped threads would be impractical.

Designers can significantly reduce the finished cost of manufacturing products by enlisting the technical expertise of engineered assembly specialists, such as Zygology, throughout the early stages of the design process.

To demonstrate this, we’ve taken a quick look at how manufacturers improved their processes by switching to PEM self-clinching fasteners in their assemblies.

The Challenge

Reduce the costly, time-consuming process required to use multiple M1.2 screws to hold a keyboard assembly in place.

The Solution

The switch to PEM® TK™TackSert® pins eliminated the task of tapping 56 holes in each assembly before individually torqueing the tiny M1.2 screws into place. PEM Tacksert Pins were simply pressed into place, permanently attaching the two components together with no risk of the joints becoming loose over time. The cost of materials was reduced considerably, and the total manufacturing time by two thirds.

PEM Micro fasteners are ideal solutions for thin material attachment challenges, such as keyboard assemblies which frequently contain many small screws to hold them together. Check out our range of PEM Micro fasteners for metal and plastics here

The Challenge

A manufacturer was using custom made metal brackets to create right-angle attachment points on their two-piece enclosures. The process was time consuming to assemble and the resulting jpint was not as strong or rigid as required.

The Solution

Specifying six PEM RAA aluminium unthreaded self-clinching fasteners & compatible thread forming screws to create required right-angle attachment points.

Processes were improved as fastening hardware in each enclosure was reduced by half, per-unit assembly time decreased to just 15 minutes instead of 90 minutes, & two fabricating steps were eliminated. Additional time was saved as punching & bending processes became unnecessary.

Check out our RAS and RAA right angle fasteners here

A time saving, cost reducing, versatile solution

PEM self-clinching fasteners continue to help designers in various ways including a reduction in fastener count, elimination of loose hardware, faster assembly and a reduction in assembly costs.

Richard Avery, Zygology’s Sales Director stated, “At Zygology we are engineering product specialists that understand the practical application of our fastening solutions & how they can improve your manufacturing process.

“Self-clinching fasteners are just one of our solutions that ensure your challenges are met. We can help you analyse the performance of your current production line and your existing products and then suggest ways of improving the overall assembly process to enhance performance and reduce costs.”

Discover how PEM self-clinching fasteners can improve your assembly process…

If you’d like to find out more about how self-clinching fasteners can benefit your business by reducing costs & increasing efficiency, we’d love to discuss your project & discover a solution to your requirements & challenges. View our range of self-clinching nuts here or get in touch with our friendly team of experts today on 0808 123 1221 or email

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