Galvanizing: The Sustainable Choice

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Hot-dip galvanizing remains one of the most popular choices for providing long-term protection against rust and corrosion, not only for its ease of application and fast turnaround time, but also for the significant cost benefits it brings. Malcolm Wright of Wedge Group Galvanizing explains why...

Galvanizing can be used for a wide range of projects, from large-scale structures through to artwork and sculptures, but it's the smaller components that hold a structure together which are often overlooked. For fastenings and threaded components, galvanizing is one of the most reliable processes and compared to other finishes available, it won't compromise the ductility of the nut, screw or bolt when in situ.

The majority of product is acid washed prior to galvanizing, however in the case of high grade fasteners such as Grade 10.9, this is not permitted, and shotblasting is required to ensure the parts are clean and scale free which makes them suitable for the spin galvanizing process.

Some believe conventional galvanizing impedes the assembly of the structure because of its thicker coating. As a result, a number of companies across Asia use high-temperature galvanizing for thinner coatings and, worryingly, this actually compromises the resilience of the fastener due to decreased ductility.

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