Fastener for membrane faced composite systems

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The launch of Opticore, its fastening solution for membrane faced composite systems, has been announced by EJOT.

"The range provides a one-step solution for hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel as well as timber substrates", explains the company's Applitec Centre technical manager, Brian Mack. Managing director Chris Middleton points out that "potential improvement niches in all areas of the roofing and cladding industry were looked at" in a bid to produce something that was totally fresh to the marketplace. "Any move to reduce installation times from traditional jig tool and alignment techniques were a prerequisite", says Brian Mack. "Our research indicated that key issues revolved around thermal retention and, more crucially, the likelihood of compromise and consequential weakening caused by scoring to the internal liner by current 'core drill and fix' solutions." EJOT's solution has been achieved through the use of an engineered moulded nylon head that provides the coring action while liminating the possibility of damage to the liner as the fastener pulls up. "Once in place, the plastic-to-metal relationship of the system provides significantly better thermal retention values", says Brian Mack. "The nylon head has been moulded to provide a 'dual bi-hex and torx' driving system. "EJOT found that it was a relatively simple step to provide the fastener and appropriate stitchers in a choice of carbon and stainless steel finishes." Peter Baker, technical manager at Corus, Europe's second largest steel producer, reports that Opticore "has met with approval for use with the 'Superdeck' membrane-faced composite roof panel system. "Its nylon cutting head creates the coring action, provides a dual installation option, and is key to improving thermal retention. Crucially, as the fastener pulls up there is virtually no chance of the liner sheet being compromised." Meet EJOT at the Fastening & Assembly Solutions Exhibition, RAF Museum Cosford, 29th April