Enclosure gasketing that works perfectly with EMKA fasteners

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The extensive EMKA range of standard enclosure gaskets includes a number of specialist sections with an allied custom design service to suit specific needs. Enclosure gaskets of course are complimented by a very focused modular approach to quarter-turn locks and for hinges, so that together these form a complete component package with the possibility of sealing levels from IP44 to IP55 and IP66.

The extensive EMKA range of standard enclosure gaskets has greatly expanded in recent years with the addition of many new profiles. A number of these are specialist sections specifically for allied applications such as electronic racking, machine controls, HVAC, motor vehicles, railway carriages, and off-road trucks and machines such as agricultural equipment and fire trucks. Coaches and motor homes also feature with moulded sections to suit doors, windows and ventilation panels, as well as external storage compartments. In addition, EMKA offer a bespoke custom design service – where there is a requirement for a really different profile then the EMKA team are delighted to design, develop and produce to suit specific needs.

Extruded gaskets for enclosures and other purposes are available in self-adhesive, self-grip (clip-on), channel fixing and window type (with expansion insert). The EMKA range includes EPDM, NBR, CR, PVC and silicone, as well as many with EMC compatible coating.

Comprehensive as this range is to work effectively the gasketed door must be sufficiently pulled down onto the seal, to this end EMKA have developed a very focused modular approach to quarter-turn locks and for hinges, so that together these form a complete component package encompassing both lay-on doors and recessed construction, with the possibility for sealing levels from IP44 to IP55 and IP66.

For example small housings and boxes for electrical or electronic equipment require appropriate door hardware such as the small quarter-turn 1022 range from EMKA. These robust low-cost locks in zinc die or polyamide offer insert key or cylinder lock closure in a body format of 20mm diameter, and so take up minimal space on the door itself. The 1022 range is also available in stainless steel where needed.

Rated at IP65 the 1012 and 1022 series utilise the traditional small EMKA cut-out with the 1022 type offering in addition vibration resistant compression locking or IP69K sealing with quick-fit assembly. Materials include zinc die chrome plated, zinc die black powder coated, stainless steel AISI 303 and black polyamide.

Typically, closure of larger doors is taken care of with a traditional L handle such as the 1000 program, either non-locking or key locked and available in chrome or black zinc die, as well as in polyamide. Manual operation is normally facilitated by one of EMKA’s modular rod locking systems – using either round or flat rods supported by a choice of some 17 rod guide designs which enable robust and quick assembly of a multi-point closure system. Multi-point closure implies a compressible gasket to provide sealing and a suitable solution is often the 1011 series of clip-on “P” section sealing strips which grip the cabinet flange so as to seal on the door.

For niche application EMKA offer special shrouded inserts, compression latch mechanisms and hygiene designs with smooth cavity-free surfaces for wash-down areas in food and similar processing areas.

Specialist vehicles and utilities are further specialist areas for locking hardware which are served by the 1000 program, including appropriate industry standards such as Swedish Power EBR, ASSA cylinders, interlocked tamper and vibration proof types, along with FIAT and European national railway versions.

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