MedTech moulding trends to watch

MedTech is said to be a multi-billion-dollar manufacturing sector. Unsurprisingly, industry analysts are always keen to pinpoint the newest transformational medical and life science technologies that...

New EMKA 2225 program Flat Swinghandle Mini version

EMKA has announced its 2225 programme is now available in a miniature format which offers IP66 sealing.

Southco introduces new ejectors for E1.S solid state drives

Southco has expanded its line of inject/eject mechanisms with a new line to fit the E1.S form factor. 

Fronius unveils Artis welding machine

Fronius has launched its Fronius Artis Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding machine that features a variety of individual applications and a range of functions.

WDS offers retained knobs with internal thread

WDS has released new retained hand knobs with lanyards in an internal thread fit that is expected to prevent loss, giving advantages in safety and cost savings.

Loctite e-book addresses adhesive blooming

Henkel has released Loctite’s e-book to help readers understand and eliminate the problem of blooming faced in the cyanoacrylates market.

Long Lock bodies for deep doors

FDB Panel Fittings has said that it is essential to match door/frame depths to the door lock when designing custom housings for electrical/electronic equipment.

What’s in store at ESL 2024?

Engineering Solutions Live takes place in just over two months, so it’s worth a look at what’s on offer at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon on 21st March.

Southco offers torque hinges for tight spaces

Southco has expanded its line of friction hinges with a low profile version that enables reliable position control in limited space applications.

Freudenberg materials improve fire protection for EVs

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is offering a class of materials to help improve fire protection in electric vehicle (EV) drives.

Norelem supports master craftsman

The Norelem Academy is supporting the construction of a paper cutting machine for a prospective master craftsman in their final project.

EWM offers welding tool for workshops and construction sites

EWM has launched a 10 kilogram welding tool for workshops and construction sites that is said to offer maximum efficiency for even the most challenging welding tasks.