Welding simulation success

Computation Materials Science Research and Training (Comstar) says it is pleased with the success of its welding simulation showcase event that was held at the IBM Forum in Warwick recently.

The event was attended by over 20 prominent businesses from across the West Midlands, including representatives from JCB, Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Motors and Tallent Engineering. The welding simulation event included a presentation by ESI Group to demonstrate the benefits of welding and distortion simulation software tools and how these techniques are used successfully by companies around the globe and from a wide range of industries, including nuclear, marine, automotive and oil and gas. A second event, Weld-IT, will be held on 15th to 17th July and will provide West Midlands engineering companies the opportunity to develop skills using advanced assembly analysis software tools available from software company ESI. Comstar is a new project that is sponsored by the regional development agency Advantage West Midlands and is part of the National Metals Technology Centre.