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WDS presents range of sustainable handles

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WDS has launched a new range of bow handles manufactured using a renewable biopolymer, which is said to make them as durable as standard plastic handles.

(Image credit: WDS)

The new handles, available in three styles, are suitable for OEMs and end users with a focus on environmental sustainability.

The new range of bow handles include a rear and front fix design (part number WDS 8499), as well as a top mounted bow handle with an extended cut away (part number WDS 8498). The designs are available in black, creating a sleek and modern look.

Sustainable manufacturing is achieved using a biopolymer derived from renewable raw materials. As a result, the plastic is free from oil, and contributes to a lower carbon dioxide (CO2) impact compared to petroleum-based plastics. The biopolymer also supports the conservation of finite fossil resources and crucially, at the end of their lifecycle, the handles can be recycled.

According to WDS, the handles’s durability also contributes to sustainability, enabling long life use before replacement is required. The biopolymer is tough, with fibreglass reinforcement adding resilience, supported by stainless steel threaded inserts. Combined, this gives the handles a minimum 2x safety factor, with a maximum load of 102 kg. The designs also include strong chemical resistance, enabling their use across a diverse range of locations, including outdoor environments.

The bow handle designs fit a variety of applications, from use on doors, plus machinery, as well as supporting medium-duty loads, and they can be quickly and easily installed. The top mounted bow handles span multiple hole centres from 94 mm to 179 mm, fixed by fasteners ranging from M6 to M8. The rear fix and front fix bow handles are available with hole centres including 100mm, 120mm, and 140mm, with each fixed by M5, M6, or M8 fasteners according to size.

Technical specifications, including free to download CAD images, are available on, and online ordering is available with stock information provided.

“Sustainability is important for WDS, and it’s increasingly important for many of our customers too,” said Mark Moody, sales & marketing director, WDS Components. “Together with our existing hand knob range, the new biopolymer handles enable OEMs to deliver more sustainable solutions. We welcome enquiries from OEMs who are also seeking a wider variety of biopolymer and sustainably manufactured products.”