Two new vacuum pickup systems

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Ellsworth Adhesives Europe has launched the VPP50 pneumatic vacuum pickup system and VPP500 electro-pneumatic pickup system from Fisnar. They replace the now obsolete VPP803-LF and VPPE511-LF systems.

Compliant for use in ESD [electrostatic discharge] safe working environments, the VPP50 and VPP500 vacuum pickup systems are designed to efficiently pick up and place delicate, lightweight components with ease. Unlike conventional tweezers, the systems’ rubber suction cup prevents possible accidental damage or contamination during the lifting and positioning process.

Both models offer a straightforward setup and can be used in manual operator-controlled applications, according to Ellsworth Adhesives. The VPP50’s simple, pneumatic control and easy-to-use finger actuated design allow the system to be used in workspace environments where electrical supply is unavailable or not permitted. In contrast, the VPP500 model features a foot pedal-operated electro-pneumatic design which minimises air usage and eliminates the exhausted noise which is emitted when not in use. It can also be attached on to Fisnar benchtop robots for use in semi-automated processes.

Added product enhancements include an adjustable vacuum control and the option to purchase ESD safe tips and vacuum cups to ensure compatibility with various applications. Additionally, a stand is also included with both models to ensure safe storage of the vacuum pickup pen whilst not in use and prevent any damage to the suction cups.

In addition to the new systems, Fisnar has also created a comprehensive ESD workstation kit (sold separately) which is compatible with both the VPP50 and VPP500. The kit contains all the essential items needed to create a static controlled workspace and prevents unnecessary damage to sensitive electronic components while in use.