Tumble belt blast machine used for coating preparation

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Shot blasting is the most common pre-treatment technology to prepare the surface of technical springs for subsequent coating operations. In a newly established manufacturing line for compression springs in the Czech Republic, this cleaning operation takes place in a Rösler tumble belt blast machine.

Within short cycle times, the custom-engineered RMBC 4.2-HD produces surfaces that are perfectly prepared for the subsequent coating operation.Oil carried into the shot blast process is neutralised and, through the media cleaning system, separated from the blast media.

In 2021 the Baumann Springs plant in Stare Mesto in the Czech Republic established a new production line for different types of long compression springs made from spring steel EN 10270-2. For cleaning and texturing (roughening) the surface of the springs prior to coating, the company purchased a tumble belt blast machine, model RMBC 4.2-HD, from Rösler.

The RMBC 4.2-HD allows the blast cleaning of complete batches of loosely tumbling compression springs with batch weights of up to 1,000 kg.

The blast process is further intensified and accelerated by the integrated blast media deflectors. These special compressed air nozzles are causing an additional blast media movement.

In order to minimize machine downtimes due to wear, the inside of the blast chamber is lined with easily replaceable 6 mm thick highly wear-resistant manganese plates.