Tracking down best in locking technology

EMKA’s new catalogue of ‘Ingenious Locking Technology for the Railroad Industry’ includes many new approaches to the specific needs of rail installers.

The Program 1057 flush mounting quarter-turn latch is one such item. Designed for rear fitting to door panels of 3.5 to 21mm thickness and to present a very neat flush and vandal-resistant face, this lock is partnered with its sister Program 1000 IP65 stainless steel compression latch for mounting in the same way.

“Rear-mounted latches of this type present an especially clean aspect, while offering little purchase to vandals,” says EMKA. “In particular, the stainless steel compression version also provides a high degree of vibration proofing to prevent nuisance opening under difficult conditions.” Gasket compression is an industry standard 6mm and a visual position indicator is provided for easy verification of status.

The EMKA locking technology range comprises 15,000 articles that are developed, manufactured, processed and assembled at eight production sites in Germany, France, England, Spain, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia.