TR Fastenings launches a range of compression limiters

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Compression Limiters reduce the stress generated by traditional threaded fasteners.

Demand has mainly been driven by the automotive sector, and applications in the energy and general industrial sectors where high load bearing plastic components are used and have also contributed to the surge in worldwide demand.

Compression Limiters are used extensively in composites and plastic mouldings as through holes help reduce the stress generated by conventional fasteners. These non-threaded inserts are commonly used in applications where a compressive load is applied to a plastic assembly to prevent the integrity of the plastic being compromised.

These products are used extensively in electric vehicles and the battery housings.

TR’s experience over the last few years is that many of these are designed in specials and required in high volume. There are a number of different types and as a guide the TR’s Compression Limiter range consists of symmetrical, flanged, split seam and oval manufactured from steel, stainless, brass and aluminium.