Swivel pad indexing levers enable flexible and mark-free clamping

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A new range of indexing levers designed to clamp in restricted spaces without marking the workpiece or equipment is now available.

Leeds-based standard parts and components supplier, WDS Components Ltd, has released a range of T- and L-shaped levers with a choice of ball ends or soft pads, giving flexibility and ease of clamping. The indexing levers are a useful clamping mechanism when a complete 360° locking rotation cannot be achieved.

The swivel pad design provides a grip and secure clamp, even if the lever is out of angular position, as the pad will swivel and make contact across its broad surface area. This mechanism makes the lever fast and easy to use, removing the need for exacting precision by the operator. The nylon pad also prevents any marking of the material, which is ideal for use with wood or plastic, or if a blemish-free finish has to be retained on a metallic surface.

Alternatively, the ball end indexing lever provides a secure clamping action while minimising any marking of the workpiece or equipment.

The levers are particularly useful for clamping in restricted spaces where full 360° movement might not be possible. To operate the lever, the free-spinning handle is lifted and can be rotated to secure the clamp, similar to a ratchet mechanism. Releasing the handle, 24 indexing positions ensure precision.

The levers are available with L- or T-shaped handles. With the L-shaped clamping handle, it can be lifted and moved back to continue tightening in the presence of an obstruction. The T handle enables less flexibility of movement but enables easy adjustment with a two-sided grip option. Both designs are ideally suited to tightening clamps on machinery or jigs, through to adjusting the position of office or domestic equipment.

The construction of the T handle levers comprises a reinforced polyamide body, available in black or orange, with a cast zinc insert and a steel thread with a black oxide finish for additional resistance to corrosion.

The L-shaped designs include a die cast zinc handle available in black, orange or grey, with steel internals and a black rust-resistant oxide coating.

Both lever types are available in thread sizes M5 up to M10. The T shaped levers include a handle diameter ranging from 53mm to 79mm, while the L handle lever expands from 45mm to 80mm.