Students use instant adhesives in solar camper

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Solar Team Eindhoven students constructed the first self-sustaining house on wheels with the help of Loctite adhesives.

Loctite provided adhesives for the construction phase, enabling the students to bond complex materials and combine strength with rigidity or flexibility in the build where needed, without compromising on weight and aerodynamics. 

In 2020 Solar Team Eindhoven started a new project: building Stella Vita, a mobile home wherein you can live and work while traveling on the energy of the sun.

The students were supported by the university. For production support they reached out to external parties. Experts from Loctite aided the students with their knowledge on how to design for adhesives and how to apply adhesives.

The students learned to use adhesives as a structural bonding way that has no negative impact on the production timeline and that is also very aesthetically pleasing.

“I would advise the next generation to start using adhesives sooner and incorporate it in the design phase, not only as a last-minute solution,” said Tessa Vermeer, one of the master’s students in the Solar Team.

For fast curing on both interior and exterior applications, Henkel advised to the team to use instant bonders for fast curing, such as Loctite 401, 403 and 460. This solution enabled the Solar Team to fix things the moment they found them without extending production time.