Southco’s R4-EM electronic rotary latch provides critical security

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In partnership with self-service solution suppliers, Southco has utilised its R4-EM electronic rotary latch as an enhanced security solution for self-service lockers. R4-EM latches are said to deliver the convenience of electronic access control with the security of a proven, robust, all-metal rotary latch design in a compact, integrated package.

The R4-EM latch is concealed from view to deter thieves and significantly reduces repair or maintenance costs, thus delivering a durable and reliable locking solution, providing additional value to locker companies.

The intelligent R4-EM features an embedded microprocessor that enables signal conditioning for added security. It also accepts signals from access control devices such as pin pads, card readers, biometric devices and remote computers.

When accessed, the locking mechanism also generates output that provides traceability for each compartment, an added feature to ensure peace of mind to e-retailers by tracking when each package is delivered and picked up.

An optional mechanical override feature enables manual or emergency release in the event of a power failure.

Electronic access allows the owner or manager of the self-service enclosure to easily monitor and control everything from the lock’s electronic and physical states, to data on potential tampering, jam conditions and door closure status.

The Smart Parcel Locker market is set to hit £1,042 million by 2027, increasing from the market value of £420 million in 2019. In the UK, the Office for National Statistics reported that the proportion spent online soared to the highest on record in April 2020 at 30.7%, compared with the 19.1% reported in April 2019. The increased investment into locker collection technology follows online retailers suddenly needing to adapt their services due to the COVID-19 pandemic.