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Southco offers torque hinges for tight spaces

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Southco has expanded its line of friction hinges with a low profile version that enables reliable position control in limited space applications.

(Image credit: Southco)

The ST-20L Constant Torque Embedded Hinge offers a new solution for mounting small lids and display screens that need to be lifted and held securely in place at any angle.

Southco’s ST-20L Constant Torque Embedded Hinge is said to enhance ergonomics, safety and perception of value by making lightweight panels feel more substantial. Designed for a range of applications, including automotive centre consoles, small industrial enclosures and lighting equipment, the ST-20L delivers constant torque in compact package.

Southco’s Constant Torque Embedded Hinges are designed for applications requiring constant torque functionality in a moulded assembly. Press-in or bolt-on mounting styles integrate into plastic, cast metal and sheet metal applications, enhancing the overall feel and performance of the end product. The concealed design of the ST-20L allows it to be installed in small packaging spaces and hidden from view without interruption to exterior styling.

Hinges designed with Southco’s constant torque technology are said to provide controlled resistance through the entire range of motion and hold doors and panels securely in any position. Southco’s line of constant torque hinges resist drift and backlash, even under vibration or dynamic loads. With torque preset during the manufacturing process, Southco constant torque hinges offer adjustment free performance over the life cycle of the application.