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Southco introduces TM-10-101-24 door latch

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Southco has released its TM-10-101-24 door latch that actuates with a button push and quarter turn that removes or inserts the handle into a keeper beside the panel.

(Image credit: Southco)

This actuation method is said to ensure that the latch does not open accidentally, even under heavy loads or unpredictable environments.

According to Southco, the TM-10-101-24 Door Latch is ideal for applications such as swim doors on boats, where users need a combination of security, ease of use, and aesthetics. Its electropolished finish and stainless-steel construction keep it looking and feeling smooth despite long-term exposure to salt water. The latch’s keeper also includes a nylon insert to further improve actuation feel and decrease wear on components. Due to its push-button actuation, the latch remains secure in rough waters and will not actuate even if cargo or crew accidentally bumps into it.

Surface mounting is said to make the TM-10-101-24 Door Latch easy to incorporate in a variety of designs. Its rounded outer profile also reduces catch points, so there is less of a chance for equipment or clothing to pull on it. This increases passenger and crew safety.