Signo NanoCare goes greener with Optiperl water repellent

Optiperl is a fluorine-free nano-coating for use on glass and ceramic surfaces. It creates a finish with a high degree of hydrophobic and dirt-repellent performance. The optimised hydrophobic quality of the coating ensures that dirt particles rarely adhere to the coated substrate.

With a vastly reduced need for cleaning, any residues are very easily removed from the coating with a shower blade, without the need for harsh or abrasive cleaning agents.

The combined benefits of this fluorine free technology with the reduced need for harsh chemicals make Optiperl one of the most environmentally-sustainable glass and ceramic durable water-repellent coatings available, according to the manufacturer Signo NanoCare.

The coating is intended for use on glass surfaces in sanitary areas (showers and mirrors); glazed ceramic surfaces (toilets, sinks, glazed tiles); window and construction glass (conservatories).