Self-adhesive sponge rubber gasket tapes

Rectangular cut sheet or extruded gasket sections from the FDB Online store offer a simple enclosure door sealing solution.

They are readily fixed to a flat enclosure frame or door panel where the rubber can interact with a compression edge of the mating component, so enabling the level of IP sealing to be increased. Sizes range from 8mm x 2mm up to 50mm x 50mm.

Closed cell sponge rubber tapes are cut from EPDM or CR with a self-adhesive and non-stretching backing. Special non-standard dimensions are available on request – usually within a three-week time frame.

The rectangular seals with a surface skin finish are made from EPDM or Neoprene extrusion and are available both with or without one-sided self-adhesive. They are non-stretching and in the self-adhesive format they come with glue on the self-adhesive side as an assembly aid. For permanent fixing, the seals can be supplied with acrylic foam (AF) adhesive.