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The NES range of thread repair hand tools, which are now available exclusively in the UK from Damar International, automatically adjust to any thread diameter and pitch, can be used on left hand and right hand threads, both imperial and metric and need no prior measurement of the thread.

The maintenance of large diameter threads in particular can be quite complicated and rather costly. Due to their larger size and weight, it is often difficult to work on the damaged threads at a workbench or on a table and repairs need to be done on the spot. Danmar International claims that the NES solution is easy and cost effective with tools which slide into the thread and adjust to the diameter and pitch automatically. A couple of rotations and damaged threads are fixed with barely any effort, the company says. The repairs can also save serious money by avoiding the need for spending on large quantities of taps and dies or power tools. The NES complete line of Universal Thread Repair Tools offers simple solutions to a common problem that frequently troubles tradesmen of all sorts, it is claimed.