PAR saves food waste with metal gasket alternative

A UK-based snack food manufacturer had an issue with an original, OEM-supplied gasket. The gasket, manufactured out of a blue foam, had broken down over time and contaminated some of its product. This resulted in the scrappage of a substantial amount of product as the location of the contamination couldn’t be determined.

PAR visited site and suggested the replacement of all foam gaskets with metal-detectable silicone.

Metal-detectable silicone rubber gaskets contain additives which make them visible to metal detector scanning equipment. This ensures that any rubber contamination within the product can quickly and easily be identified. Silicone also displays excellent heat resistance and is FDA approved for use in food contact applications, according to PAR Group.

By taking a sample of the original gasket, PAR Group was able to trace the exact profile using its in-house digitising facilities. This was then cut to size at its Preston branch using CNC profile-cutting capabilities.