norelem launches range of stainless steel threaded fasteners

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norelem has launched the A4 range of stainless steel fasteners for demanding environments. It includes screws, nuts and washers.

The new A4 quality elements from norelem complement the existing range of A2 quality elements. The range is said to have significantly improved corrosion and acid resistance compared to A2 stainless steel, and therefore can be used in environments with a close proximity to salt water, such as shipyards.  

Out of more than 160 different stainless steel alloys, A4 stainless steels belong to the group of austenitic steels, which are also called chromium-nickel steels. It is the high chromium content of these stainless steels that make them so corrosion resistant and therefore so useful in environments with high acid contents. 

Marcus Schneck adds: “Because of their excellent acid resistance, the norelem A4 quality connecting elements are also suitable for applications in the chemical and food industries, alongside the pulp industry and in the renovation of chimneys and swimming pools.” 

These A4 quality stainless steel connecting elements can be found in norelem’s 2022 edition of THE BIG GREEN BOOK. Listing over 70,000 standard components, the two-volume catalogue is available in both print and online.