New tesa 60013 self-adhesive reinforced paper tape

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tesa’s 60013 self-adhesive reinforced paper tape is recommended for challenging packaging applications.

The product is a self-adhesive packaging tape with a siliconised fibreglass-reinforced Kraft paper backing and a synthetic rubber adhesive system. After curing, the bond between the reinforced paper tape and the cardboard is so strong that the tape cannot be removed from the cardboard box without visible damage to the cardboard, creating the evidence of tampering.

The main application of the tesa 60013 is the secure sealing of cardboard boxes. Its high tensile strength and fibreglass reinforcement make this product suitable for light, medium and heavy-weight applications. Moreover, the siliconised paper backing ensures a gentle application with both hand-dispensers and automatic dispensing machines.

Compared to filmic packaging tapes (for example PVC or BOPP), the tesa 60013 is said to not only offer an outstanding performance but also several sustainable benefits. First, tesa 60013 can be disposed of with the box into the blue bin without endangering the cardboard recycling process. Second, recycled along with the cardboard, the production process of tesa 60013 is solvent-free.