New standard for display surfaces

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A team of German engineers has documented a series of tests determining a standard to ensure durability and quality on surfaces that come into contact with the human hand.

The team is led by Dr. Wolfgang Weinhold, director of ISPA – Institute for Surface and Product Analysis – and CEO of Innowep GmbH.

This document, focused on displays and surfaces in the vicinity of the display, sets out guidance for industry – whether in the R&D department or in quality control – to determine which tests are necessary for the analysis of the durability and functionality of the product.

“The big change that is taking place in world of consumption is the prioritisation of quality, durability and functionality. The market has repositioned these values because it understands the impact that exaggerated consumption is having on the environment. More durable and efficient goods are more than a trend; they have become a necessity,” Weinhold said.

The test, freely available for download via the link below, is mainly intended for electronics, automotive and in the aerospace sector. It includes a range of tests relating to human touch abrasion, material ageing, disinfection, scratching, wear and haptics.