New mini-PS4L low-cost probe station

SemiProbe has introduced a new family of small-footprint, low cost probe station for basic characterization for small sample testing of samples from die up to 100mm diameter.

The new “mini-PS4L” low cost probe stations are available in either manual or semiautomatic configurations to address multiple applications and testing requirements on devices that are 100 mm or less in size.

Developed in response to market requests for smaller-footprint, lower-cost solutions for basic characterisation of small samples, the systems feature a range of modular accessories including DC or HF versions for testing partial or full wafers, individual die or packaged parts.

The mini-PS4L series is an expansion of the popular and patented Probe System for Life (PS4L) systems that address a wider variety of wafer sizes and applications.

Inseto is exclusive distributor for SemiProbe in the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe.