New Advanced Composites Materials on show

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At the JEC World Composites Show 2016, in Paris Nord Villepinte, Scott Bader will be exhibiting a new scratch-resistant Crystic gelcoat.

This will be on show alongside other high-performance resins, gelcoats, structural adhesives, bonding pastes and matched tooling products from its extensive range of advanced composites materials.

Products and latest applications being showcased will include pultrusion and infusion grades of Crestapol high-performance urethane acrylate resins, low styrene ‘Eco’ gelcoats, new grades of Crestabond primer-less methacrylate structural adhesive for rapidly bonding a wide range of metal, plastic and composite substrates, plus new additions to the Crestomer structural adhesive range, used extensively by leading leisure marine boat builders for joining GRP, cores, woods and metals.

During the show, Scott Bader will be giving two technical papers in open forum presentations. The first paper (Tuesday 8 March) is on 'Advanced Gelcoats, Adhesives and Crestapol Resins in Automotive Applications', highlighting processing, productivity, lightweighting and performance benefits to manufacturers and end users. On Wednesday 9 March, a second paper is being given, titled 'Urethane Acrylate Resin Systems – Not Your Normal Sticky Stuff', providing technical insights into the resin chemistry and unique properties achievable, which enabled Scott Bader’s R & D team to develop the range of Crestapol high-performance resins.

Crestapol resins are used as an alternative to a liquid or prepreg epoxy based system in both glass and carbon fibre automotive applications, as well as for manufacturing moulded and pultruded filled FRP parts used for demanding applications in building and construction, marine and land transportation, including parts needing to meet stringent fire, smoke and toxic fumes (FST) standards.