Long Lock bodies for deep doors

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FDB Panel Fittings has said that it is essential to match door/frame depths to the door lock when designing custom housings for electrical/electronic equipment.

(Image credit: FDB Panel Fittings)

Doing so ensures the required degree of sealing (IP rating) and gasket pull-down.

Managing director Gary Miles said that for specialist enclosures with unusually thick doors and/or frames, the length of lock body is the starting point for this matching process, which can then be fine-tuned by selection of a compatible tab/cam.

At the FDB Panel Fittings Online store, Miles pointed out that there is now a selection of these standard components for quarter-turn locks and latches held in stock for urgent delivery. Lock bodies come in lengths of 18mm, 30mm, 36mm, 40mm, 50mm and 60mm, which may be matched with tabs in varying lengths and depths, with straight or stepped configurations where they are also offered to be used for lesser or greater depth adjustment. It is also asserted that standard cabinets can be manufactured in quantity and potentially with standard components – however, a substantial proportion of specialist enclosures (maybe as much as half) are custom builds in small quantities. It is, therefore, vital that lock assemblies are available to ensure appropriate quality performance and appearance.

Interchangeable modular diameter bodies to industry standard dimensions are stocked in zinc die chrome plated, zinc die black powder-coated, black polyamide and 316 stainless steel - allowing proper specification to match the requirements of the environment where the installation will take place. While most locks are supplied in component form for assembly by the customer, FDB offers a service to support proper selection and assembly under its Rocfast banner.