Lohmann launches self-adhesive electrically conductive foams

Lohmann has launched two electrically conductive, single-sided adhesive foams for grounding or contacting of electronic components (for low currents).

The two new products are named DuploCOLL 28502 EC and DuploCOLL 28504 EC (Electrically Conductive).

They consist of a soft, electrically conductive foam and an acrylate adhesive that is also electrically conductive. The single-sided adhesive tapes are available in 2 and 4 mm thicknesses and are described as easy to die-cut and apply.

The foams are formulated so that the restoring force when the foam is compressed is so low that it can also be used on pressure-sensitive components without undesirable side effects.

The new adhesives are said to be useful in e-mobility, medical technology, printed electronics or smart homes.

They are part of the functional materials product range which perform functions beyond bonding for digitalisation and miniaturisation applications; for example, the adhesive solutions enable sealing, damping, blocking of visible light or electromagnetic shielding.