Lohman offers longwear skin adhesive

Lohman has launched an adhesive skin patch (DuploMED 85300) with a wearing time of 28+ days, which is said to increase the wearing time of medical devices.

(Image credit: Loham)

Thus, the costly CGM devices need to be changed less frequently, saving costs and improving the environmental footprint. The adhesive is breathable, skin-friendly and can be removed after 28+ days of use painlessly despite its long adhesion. Several wear studies of Lohmann's adhesive skin patch confirms its high reliability even under harsh external influences such as outdoor sports or extensive exposure to humidity during showering or swimming.

The demand for reliable wearable solutions in the medical sector is increasing. From monitoring and consumer health to diagnostics, devices that meet the needs of both an ageing population as well as chronically ill patients are highly requested. For that, Lohmann provides in-house capabilities, which include adhesive formulation, coating as well as clean-room conversion, laboratories, testing and prototyping as well as roll-to-roll processing and die-cutting of the final product.