Loctite launches ultra-performing adhesive

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Loctite is offering a fast-setting instant adhesive that is said to add reliability to a range of manufactured products that includes safes and wireless headphones.

(Image credit: Loctite)

The Loctite 402 is claimed to withstand extreme operating heats up to 275°F (135°C), making it particularly suitable for applications where components are exposed to high temperatures.

Additionally, industry professionals can be confident about the safety of their teams due to the non-HQ (Hydroquinone) adhesive formulas, which Loctite has developed in response to regulatory changes.

The heat resistance of Loctite 402 has been particularly beneficial for a security solutions manufacturer, which was struggling with a complex assembly process in its line of security safes and lockers, as well as aesthetic defects which required reworking.

A notable challenge involved the spot welding of components, necessitating additional grinding, filling, and refinishing to achieve a smooth surface. This was followed by a paint and dry process at high temperatures. The company was experiencing a rework rate of three percent due to surface imperfections during the welding and finishing process.

Introducing Loctite 402 has improved its assembly process. The adhesive withstood the 80-120°C paint and dry processes. This, along with simplifying the assembly process to a single step, reduced the rework rate down to nil.

Other items can benefit from an application of Loctite 402. High temperature resistance was also paramount for a global TWS (True Wireless Stereo) headset manufacturer facing escalating complaints due to field failures, with two percent of headsets coming apart in drop tests.

Bonding diverse materials like aluminium, ABS, polypropylene, and ferrite magnets in a fast-paced production environment proved a tough challenge, especially when trying to maintain the highest standards.

Loctite 402, in conjunction with Loctite SF770 Primer, provided a robust solution. Its ability to resist temperatures up to 135°C surpassed the company’s standard 125°C testing requirement and ensured the bonded assembly could withstand a six-foot drop test. This led to improvements in rework costs and improved reliability.

Gavin Jackson, head of applications & engineering at Loctite parent company Henkel, said: “Making an adhesive this reliable and flexible gives industry professionals a much more rounded approach when it comes to adhesives. The increase to efficiency and reliability are huge boons, as is the decrease in cost – and Loctite 402 does it all without compromising on quality.”