Locit receives carbon neutral certification

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Steel locker manufacturer Locit has received PAS 2060 certification, an internationally recognised specification for carbon neutrality published by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

(Image credit: Locit)

The certification demonstrates carbon neutrality claims are both credible and verified to increase accountability and consumer confidence.

Locit CEO Richard Williams (pictured) said: "The PAS 2060 certification is the realisation of a lot of hard work and a commitment to the highest standards when measuring and reducing our emissions. Sustainability is no longer an add-on, it is an imperative, not just for the planet but the future of our business.”

Locit deploys a sustainable approach through its entire process, from supply chain and design to manufacture and delivery.

The company starts by using recycled steel sourced from UK-based suppliers only. It utilises 3D CAD/CAM software solutions that enable the design of products with minimum waste materials.

Locit uses advanced manufacturing techniques to reduce energy consumption. This includes advanced sheet metal machinery for automated production runs, bespoke short-volume orders and R&D, and powder coating techniques that recycle waste and reuse heat between processes.

The production is integrated with cloud-based Material Requirements Planning (MRP) software to optimise stock and delivery management.

Finished products are delivered to customers and suppliers using recycled packaging.

Locit’s 64,000 sq ft digital manufacturing facility sits within Deeside Enterprise Zone, home to advanced manufacturing companies in the aerospace, automotive, food and pharmaceutical sectors.

The manufacturer is now continuing its push towards net zero manufacturing and is on target to reduce emissions at its factory by a further 50% this year.