Henkel to rethink nonwovens at INDEX 2023 fair

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Henkel will present new products to enhance the sustainability and efficiency in nonwovens manufacturing at INDEX 2023, held from April 18 to 21 at Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland.

At stand 2255, Henkel will showcase Technomelt DM ECO, a new sustainability-focused adhesives grade for the nonwovens market. For high-performance, high-efficiency bonding applications, Henkel will present its Easyflow hot melt adhesive solution, which employs an auto-feed system for safe and efficient delivery to set new standards in process performance.

With Technomelt DM ECO, Henkel is launching a sustainability-focused grade for the first time to the European nonwovens market​. The new range of direct bio-based adhesives for hygiene products construction, enables elastics and positioning applications to be carried out with more than 50% bio-based, non-fossil sources. In this way, Technomelt DM ECO makes more sustainable product designs possible, while helping hygiene manufacturers reduce their CO2 footprint. The adhesives range is compatible with renewable and standard substrates without compromising on process efficiency.

Henkel will also present its Easyflow hot melt adhesive system at INDEX 2023. This adhesive is based on a new pressure-sensitive, patented product form that enables safe and efficient delivery and increases production line´s efficiency. Supplied in small, non-sticky ‘micro chubs’, pictured, the adhesive’s unique form melts on demand, and enables the auto-feeding of Technomelt DM adhesives into hot melt tanks to enhance safety and operations while avoiding interruptions to production. The auto-feeding process minimizes the time the adhesive is molten inside the tank, reducing the risk of the build-up of VOCs while also reducing energy consumption by up to 20%, according to Henkel

INDEX 2023 will also provide visitors to the Henkel booth with the opportunity to learn more about a new hygiene solution being trialled by Henkel Qhesive Solutions. Smart Adult Care – part of Henkel Qhesive Solutions’ offering and developed in cooperation with Smartz AG – transforms conventional adult nappies into connected medical devices by printing flexible sensors directly onto the backsheet of the incontinence product, to enable remote monitoring of moisture, movement and temperature. Trials in a residential care home have demonstrated that the solution is helping caregivers to provide better care to patients through more timely changes, while saving waste when reducing unnecessary changes.