Henkel offers product demonstrations

Henkel is offering in-person demonstrations of Loctite and Teroson products to help body shops lower costs and improve the quality of repairs.

(Image credit: Henkel)

According to Henkel, the evolving vehicle maintenance and repair industry means finding a versatile solution to maximise efficiency across the board is more critical than ever. An adhesive can meet all the criteria body shops look out for and restore the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) finish, to ensure they keep their reputations.

Although Teroson is more commonly used in the automotive industry, its sister product Loctite also presents several appealing benefits to body shops.

The Henkel representatives will seek to understand the specific pain points of body shops and provide tailor made solutions.

Henkel collaborates with customers, suppliers and partners to find the best solution.

George Hickey, marketing specialist at Henkel, said: “Our Loctite and Teroson line of products increase efficiency, reduce waste and costs, as well as shrink key-to-key times.”