HellermannTyton launches new cable bundling tool for automotive manufacturers

1 min read

A cordless tool that provides all the performance of corded is promised of the new AT2000 CPK Hybrid bundling tool from HellermannTyton.

Unlike predecessor model, the AT2000 CPK Hybrid now allows for cordless usage through the inclusion of an optional 18V battery, allowing bundling and tying to happen virtually anywhere along the production line, even when a power supply isn’t readily available. Its battery is said to offer up to 8,000 ties per charge.

The AT2000 CPK Hybrid also provides a 20% speed increase on its predecessor, with a cycle time now between 0.65 and 1.0 seconds to bundle and tension cables and tubing — from electrical cables to fluid delivery tubes.

The tool works with cables up to 20mm diameter, with seven tension levels, five speeds and three quality settings. Various other settings include loop diameter. It can bundle and tension up to 1.5 million cables before the blade needs replacing.

Graeme Morley, product manager at HellermannTyton, said: “The automotive industry is increasingly reliant on advanced technologies and data that informs their manufacturing processes. We’ve recognised this in the tool’s HT Data Management software which allows for extensive and fully exportable data monitoring of the tensioning process, covering everything from tension level to humidity. All production data is tracked, whilst ensuring optimum tension for every application, minimising production faults.”

For increased useability, the ergonomics have also been improved with a new handle design, allowing integration of the battery, reduced weight, and the ability to stand upright on a workbench.

The tool is delivered in a tool case with dedicated space for tools, three batteries, a charger and a power supply.