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FDB offers camlocks for typical locking needs

The FDB online store now offers a select range of camlocks in 11mm, 16mm and 20mm sizes.

(Image credit: FDB)

Round and square format housing styles are available complete with lock nut and assembled flat cam for fitment into a pre-punched industry-standard cut-out.

According to FDB, applications continue to expand and surprise but typically they include office furniture, electrical enclosures, lockers, amusement machines, retail displays, telephones, vehicles, lockers, wooden and metal furniture, postal boxes, automotive accessories, cash boxes and tills and heavy-duty/specialist vehicles.

FDB camlocks from Lowe & Fletcher are candidates for kit pack collation with hinges and pre-cut gasket as part of the Panel Fittings Rocfast assembly/logistics service. The Rocfast packaging and delivery program enables customers to order a variety of components pre-assembled ready for installation.