EWM offers welding tool for workshops and construction sites

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EWM has launched a 10 kilogram welding tool for workshops and construction sites that is said to offer maximum efficiency for even the most challenging welding tasks.

(Image credit: EWM)

According to EWM, the integrated Power Factor Correction ensures an increased power output while the machine’s efficiency and standby function helps to save both power and costs. Users can achieve welding currents of 220 A with 40% duty cycle for Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding and currents of 190 A with 35% duty cycle for manual metal arc (MMA) welding. This is an increase in performance in comparison to the previous model.

With a mains lead measuring 3.5 m, the new Picotig 220 puls DC tool offers an enormous working radius with no need for an extension cable. In addition, the ergonomic and sturdy carrying handle also comes with a cable holder to hold the mains cable. The handle also comes with a built-in storage compartment for wear parts. The casing provides protection for all the connections on the rear side. A protective cap on the front side protects the controls against damage and dirt.

The Comfort 3.0 mini control allows users to select all pulse, standard and welding processes, or users can set tack points with precision using the spotArc and spotmatic functions. The Picotig 220 puls DC is also suitable for MMA welding and is compatible with cellulose electrodes. Users now have multiple options when choosing a welding torch, as the Picotig 220 puls DC can be used with both conventional and digital EWM multi-functional welding torches with display and remote-control functions. The 5-pole torch connection is also compatible with EWM X technology. Whether it’s the TIG Retox XQ welding torch, spotArc welding torch or a welding torch used with the previous Picotig 200 puls DC model – the user is free to choose and can adapt their welding equipment to suit the task at hand. All this, combined with a range of available accessories, make EWM’s Picotig 220 puls DC suitable for TIG weld seams.