EMKA gasket sealing profiles support recovery plans and flexible schedules with ex-stock and custom production

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Sealing profiles for industrial doors and panels – supporting recovery plans and delivering into the nations supply chain for specialist enclosures, cabinets, vehicles, shielding equipment, inspection panels and air handling systems.

EMKA gasket sealing profiles support recovery plans and flexible schedules with ex-stock and custom production

New Enclosure Sealing Technology 2020 Catalogue

Our New EMKA Sealing Technology 2020 Catalogue covers made to measure Profiles and Frames which greatly enhance the performance and reliability of enclosure gasket installations.

In this catalogue we have detailed how the butt joins and corners of frames and rings can be glued, film vulcanised or injection moulded (with formed corners/end feeds). This highly accurate factory process thereby creates a pre-sized and complete ring or frame of endless gasket which removes the difficult task of hand cutting and joining at the point of installation greatly speeding installation and improving performance.

Download the new EMKA Sealing Technology 2020 catalogue.

Gasket Profiles – EMKA maintain supply, maintain extensive stock and custom capability

With a manufacturing site here in Birmingham, EMKA (UK) are well placed to offer excellent delivery of high-quality EPDM gasket profiles whether as self-adhesive cellular foam or P type edge clip-on with spring steel spine, hollow plug-in profiles, window rubbers and edge protection in many standard sections and sizes readily available from stock.

Our approach of carrying high stock levels is complimented with a full custom service when required to ensure that specialist enclosure and vehicle builders can keep their production lines supplied in these challenging times.

Window rubber profiles suit specialist panels and specialist vehicles

EMKA offer effective ex-stock gasket solutions for glazing of inspection panels on equipment and windows on vehicles.

Based on traditional well proven designs, these EPDM glazing profiles come in an “H” section clamping style with separate locking strip to ensure a secure fixing of glass/acrylic/polycarbonate/aluminium, or similar panels of up to 6mm thickness in up to 2.5mm doors.

Alternative “Z” section profiles in EPDM and NBR provide an offset installation where the window may be arranged to protrude from the door or otherwise inset into it.

Special sealing profiles for specialist situations – rail, road, off-road, HVAC etc.

We are pleased to offer our specialist sealing profiles – and custom design service for special applications coupled with our experienced factory based design expertise – especially where IP ratings of up to IP66 are required.

Specialist gasket sections are offered in flame retardant, low smoke, low tox materials compliant to relevant standards while extruded gaskets for enclosures and other purposes are available in self-adhesive, self-grip (clip-on), channel fixing and window type (with expansion insert). The range includes EPDM, NBR, CR, PVC and silicone, as well as fire protection specifications and many with EMC compatible coating.

Contact us to discuss custom designs.

Standard EMKA materials and processes for cabinet/enclosure sealing profiles

It is useful to consider some simple EMKA options of extruded gasket profiles to suit varying applications for industrial cabinets/enclosures, specialist vehicles, HVACR, railways and similar.

These include: EPDM/NBR – excellent general purpose industrial materials for IP protection, with good chemical resistance, available in stock and custom sizes, well known and understood by users, easy to handle and install.

Flock coating – a scratch-free coating to provide a smooth sliding action popular for windows.

EMC (coating) – for electro-magnetic compatibility to maintain or increase the protection of sensitive equipment from external EM radiation – or to protect external equipment from the internal generation of EM.

Vulcanising – a tough resilient way to form joints, frames and continuous sections forming an integral material connection between the extruded ends, which offers greater strength and performance than gluing.

Slipcoat – a simple coating process to redress the effect of friction.

Silicon – high temperature, fire resistant for rail, tunnels etc., food industry.

Pre-assembled gasket is ideal for rapid application to door frames or apertures such as skylights, vents, access panels in electrical/electronic cabinets or enclosures – also for vehicle OEMs for car, truck and coach doors, as well as for caravans, railway coaches and specialist vehicles like ambulances and fire trucks.

Everything but the Enclosure

EMKA are global market leaders in ex-stock and custom provision of specialist enclosure and cabinet hardware for the electrical, electronic, data centre, HVACR and transport industries.

Here in the UK we go that extra mile to cover products of special interest to the UK market and our in-house UK sales team and mobile sales engineers are available to support product choices, delivery schedules, specifications, and offer customer support.

We have many UK sourced and UK centric products so please see here for additional information regarding Electronic and Biometric LockingHeating Ventilating Air Conditioning and RefridgerationVehicle AccessoriesGasket Profiles.


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