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EMKA Agent E electronic locking systems

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EMKA has made developments to its Agent E swinghandle and accessories, which offer wireless communication for cabinet security in the protection of valuable/sensitive data.

(Image credit: EMKA)

According to EMKA, the EMKA wireless Control Unit can actuate up to 1,200 handles in one wireless network with authentication via 13.56 MHz RFID cards, which ensures that remote opening is always possible. Optionally, four-eye security is possible for authentication with two recognised cards.

Agent E wireless handles have a connection option for one-door contact and are most suitable for retrofitting, with each handle providing energy-efficient battery operation (service life of battery min. three years) - an emergency power function is possible by using the integrated USB port.

EMKA Rack Management Systems are installed worldwide in data centres and server parks of banks and co-location centres which are required to secure their server racks against unwanted access. To secure server rack doors, a combination of electromechanical handles, software and radio technology is considered the best choice – such as the "Agent E" type handle, proven by installation at numerous customers such as large banks - including personalised access to the cabinet as well as permanent monitoring and control of the opening and closing processes.

The increasing requirements of modern IT infrastructure in data centres demand a maximum of physical security and so these Rack Management Systems are said to guarantee clear and simple logging and backtracking due to their personified access control down to cabinet level. Moreover, the systems monitor all physical parameters in the racks and thus increase the operational reliability of the entire installation. This includes database-driven control software, high-capacity modules and electro-mechanical handles.