ELESA elements protect products

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Elesa protection elements are said to be flexible and useful in fulfilling a wide range of applications to protect the ends of tubes and bolts from shocks, dust, humidity or to prevent leaks.

Caps and protection covers are made of high-quality polyethylene (PE).

NIL tube plugs in black or grey technopolymer, satin finish cover sharp edges of square, round or rectangular tubes. The particular internal ribs allow a simple and safe assembly and disassembly, even with tubes of different thicknesses.

The new series of NCT protective caps for tubes are ideal as impact protection and come in diameters from 4mm to 114mm.

NCD protection covers cater for nuts and bolts with threads from M4 to M30, black colour or chrome-plated, matte finish.

TX threaded plugs in red polyethylene are available with NBR synthetic rubber flat packing ring (TX-G series) which offers greater coverage of the hole, minimising losses. These plugs are ideal for the packaging and transport of equipment containing oil to prevent leakage of liquids, for example on engines, gearboxes, transfer units and transmissions.


The TNX series in yellow polyethylene is equipped with an NBR synthetic rubber packing O-Ring. The special shape is designed for installation using a screwdriver. They are available in a range of metric and GAS threads - from M8 to M52 and from G1/8 to G2.