Captive access panel screws are the height of fashion

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A range of captive access panel screws (CAPS) have been introduced with coloured knobs to designate service levels or give other maintenance diagnostics.

The new products, from PEM Europe, integrate a captive screw in a spring-loaded assembly to provide all-in-one hardware solutions securely to attach panels, covers, drawers, racks, or other access points and subsequently enable ready access inside whenever necessary. The integrated screw eliminates handling, installation, and service problems typically resulting from loose hardware and further reduces the overall parts count. The PC/ABS colour knobs can be specified to designate service access levels, reference operating and/or maintenance instructions, and/or enhance the external appearance of an assembly, among other possibilities. These fasteners additionally deliver benefits from anti cross-threading technology by reliably correcting off-angle thread mating and ensuring proper alignment during installation. CAPS install permanently in aluminium or steel sheets as thin as 0.92mm by pressing them into properly prepared mounting holes. A proprietary shoulder on the fastener's retainer creates a positive stop feature to confirm complete and reliable installation. The fasteners can be supplied in several mounting styles – self-clinching, flaring, or floating – and in multiple screw lengths with thread sizes from M3 to M5. A Phillips drive allows for tool access and the robust knurled knob can be activated for hand operation. Knobs can be specified either in standard black or in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, or metallic. Custom colours can be developed.