Bridge handles with anti-microbial features

EBP range of bridge type pull handles in glass fibre reinforced polyamide, from mechanical component specialist Elesa, has been augmented by the addition of two versions; one exhibiting anti-microbial features, the other exhibiting flexibility.

The .SAN incorporates silver ions in an organic ceramic base to provide anti-microbial protection for use in areas where hygiene and sanitary concerns are important, such as medical/hospital equipment, disability aids, food and pharmaceutical/catering, and urban/public service environments.

The .FLX flexible handle is intended to be mounted on curved surfaces such as cylinders or bow style fascias on drawers or machines with diameters down to 300mm.

Standard EBP bridge handles are available in sizes from 116mm to 209mm long with front or rear fixtures. Further information is available online and readers can always follow the company on Twitter.