Born2Bond anaerobics proven robot-proof

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Robotics supplier VASMA Robotic used Bostik Born2Bond anaerobic adhesives for mechanical fastening.

The OEM provides design, assembly and maintenance of robotic systems, “grippers” and programming solutions to industry. With many moving parts and complex components, these robots are often used in highly demanding end-use environments involving vibration, heat and humidity.

Two recurring challenges included the reliable assembly of industrial robots within the automotive and assembly segments, involving heavy, fast-moving arms with pneumatic attachments, and fixing stainless and zinc-plated bolts inside fast-moving conveyor belts subject to strong vibrations. Having tested various mechanical fastening solutions, including wedge lock washers, the client wanted to establish a more reliable, convenient and cost-effective solution. 

After a visit from a member of the Bostik technical team where multiple solutions from the Born2Bond range of anaerobic adhesives were tested, the client found that the pipe and thread sealing adhesives and service products were the ideal solutions for these applications. Filling and sealing all voids, these single-component adhesives provide 100% surface-to-surface contact, achieving a cohesive, durable connection that won’t fail even when subjected to vibration, extreme temperatures or chemicals. Suitable for new installations as well as post-assembly preventative maintenance, the solutions eliminate the cost and inconvenience of keeping an extensive inventory of mechanical fasteners, such as spring washers, and sealing alternatives, such as PTFE tapes.

Antala is a Bostik UK distributor.