Battery closure uses quick-release fastener

1 min read

German bicycle manufacturer STEVENS has used Bollhoff fasteners for the battery compartment on a new model.

The 22kg E-Cayolle e-bike incorporates the electric support Bosch Performance Line CX with up to 75Nm of torque fed from the semi-integrated 500Wh PowerPack battery in the frame down tube. 

In this context, the attachment of the new, frame-integrated battery compartment needed a reliable joining technology. In case of replacement or maintenance, the cover has to be opened and closed easily. The used joint should also absorb permanently the vibrations that might occur when using the e-bike.  

It now incorporates Bollhoff Quickloc Light quick-release fasteners, which are said to be suitable for  components that are frequently used or maintained. Simply clip the receptacle into a rectangular hole. The bolt passes through a bore hole and is optionally locked with retaining washer in order to prevent loss. To lock the joint, gently press and turn it into the lock bottom. Thanks to the clever part geometry, it locks in and is then held in place without clearance. A simple quarter turn to the left or right opens the lock. The elastic part of the receptacle is stretched and the locking bolt released again.  

Each year, approximately 10,000 Quickloc Light fasteners are installed in STEVENS e-bikes.