AWI invests in wet drawing machine

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Alloy Wire International (AWI) has purchased a new wet drawing machine that will allow it to increase capacity as part of a £500,000 investment package. 

(Image credit: AWI)

The AWI team worked with an unnamed manufacturer to ensure the new machine would fit into the production set up at its factory.

Capabilities on the new £145,000 machine include pre-programming to allow for set spool weights or wire lengths and flexibility to work with a wider range of both inlet and finish sizes.

Tom Mander, managing director at AWI, said: “Our sales have risen by over £6m in the last eighteen months and our pipeline of orders is looking extremely healthy – the time was right to push the button on upgrading our manufacturing capabilities.

“The production team looked at what we required to give us more capacity and greater flexibility and a £500,000 investment package was signed off, starting with the recent install of the wet drawing machine.”

He continued: “This has been customised for our operations and will allow us to consider work we have previously turned down.”

“You can’t stand still in our sector. The wet drawing machine will be the first of a total £500,000 investment strategy that will eventually see a four-spindle annealing line spooler, a new multi-head drawing machine and two, single hole drawing machines arrive by the end of the year,” he concluded.