1925 MG ‘Old Number One’: see it at FAST Live with a free ticket

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Take a look at this unique vehicle when you visit FAST Live: although its known as ‘Old Number One’, this is not actually the first ‘MG’ car, it is a vehicle based on a Bullnose Morris chassis . Registered as FC 7900 it was a one-off special completed in March 1925 for Cecil Kimber, manager of Morris Garages in Oxford. He entered it in the Land’s End Trial and was awarded a Gold medal.

His passenger on that occasion was Wilfred Matthews, who was later described by Kimber as “my first passenger in my first MG”. Early MGs, including this ‘Kimber Special’, were based on standard chassis with special coachwork which was considered far more elegant than the standard range of Morris bodies. ‘Old Number One’ had bodywork by Carbodies of Coventry and used a special overhead valve version of the sidevalve Hotchkiss-type engine normally found in the Bullnose Morris. This engine has been dated to 1921. MG ‘Old Number One’ is reputed to have cost £279 to build. Soon after the Trial, Cecil Kimber sold it to Harry Turner of Stockport for £300, thereby making a profit. After it had gone through several ownerships, MG bought it back in 1932 for the princely sum of £15, and it can now be seen by FAST Live visitors the British Motor Museum.

The British Motor Museum houses almost 300 landmark vehicles mapping the UK’s often intriguing automotive history: it contains an eclectic mixture of the famous, the oddball, the world-beaters and the no-hopers……..something for everyone! Your visitor badge to the FAST Live event is also your free pass to see this fantastic collection with, so pre-register now.