The buddy that’s on your side!

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Inspired by motorbike sidecars, Sidebuddy is being hailed as a new eco-solution for city transportation

As our cities become increasingly congested with traffic and pollution, bicycles are proving an increasingly popular way to get around town more quickly and easily - and with the added benefit of zero emissions.

However, sometimes cycling may not be practicable – if you have to transport children, pets or shopping for example – so Swedish designer Jordi Hans saw an opportunity to invent a versatile add-on solution – the SideBuddy side trailer.

Inspired by the classic designs of motorbike sidecars, the SideBuddy can be attached to either standard bicycles or new electric models and fits up to three children (aged 0-7 years) or cargo up to 120kg. Multi-functional and versatile – it’s also a baby stroller and a shopping cart –. the transparent cover made of fibre glass gives the passenger an extraordinary sensation while travelling.

Always keen to support new and innovative ideas, when TR Fastenings Sweden was approached by the designers of SideBuddy to be a possible collaborator, it was keen to hear more. Eugen Kühnl, engineering and R&D manager at TR Fastenings Sweden, comments: “As a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial components, environmental thinking is an area we are particularly interested in. In our opinion, the Sidebuddy is a unique project, with huge commercial potential and one we are delighted to support.

“The components that were selected – such as screws, nuts, washers, springs and rubber parts – were already approved and validated for use in the automotive sector and readily available for us to supply to the customer. This amounted to a huge saving, in terms of time for the Sidebuddy team.”

Using its experience in assembly and fastener technology, TR Fastenings worked closely with Jordi Hans, from concept to the final design. Together, the team overcame a number of design challenges, including finding a suitable way to connect the bicycle to the Sidebuddy, steering issues and combine functionality and top-quality design in a multi-functional, moving product.

The whole artefact has been designed with safety, aerodynamics and sustainability in mind. Equipped with ergonomically adjustable and folding seats, an optional convertible top cover and an extra light structure made of magnesium alloy are also available.