EMKA cabinet innovations for mechanical engineering

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Closure of control cabinets and enclosures in mechanical engineering must meet diverse requirements, primarily of course safety, as well as locking and operating convenience and durability even under demanding conditions.

Specialist panel builders serving this industry generally require that modular locks, handles, hinges, gaskets and swing handles not only offer protection against the ingress of dust and water, but also need grounding protection, vibration resistance or a lock position indicator.

EMKA contends that specialist enclosure hardware for mechanical engineering should also meet specific challenges regarding fire protection, compression and extreme power transmission, in high doors or through large sheet thicknesses. Such applications benefit from EMKA's wide range of products for all types of installation. Designed-for-purpose locking solutions ensure that customers from the mechanical engineering industry can concentrate on their own core competences of development and construction of high-quality machines and systems.

Quick assembly and simple installation, convenient operation and, above all, a secure locking system are required in this industry -- because on highly dangerous machines, personal protection plays a particularly important role. A professional locking system secures the highly-sensitive electronics and electrical control systems in control cabinets on the one hand, but also protects the operators in areas of a machine where safety may otherwise be endangered.

In these situations, EMKA offers products that comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC regarding protection against dust and water, with the desired IP protection classes or which are equipped with UL certification. These apply to all types of doors, flaps, access panels or other operating elements.

Common choices include safety quarter-turn locks with tamper- and vibration-proof options, for example compression latches, with insert and head chrome-plated or in stainless steel. Safety inscription on the housing, or printed identification or labelling is also offered. In terms of cabinet production, clip-in quarter turns are indicated for quick assembly without tools, offering cost savings due to simple fitment within seconds.

Allied to use of quarter-turn latches, EMKA now offers the new eCam electromechanical cam lock that provides a universal, electromechanical latch with small internal footprint on new and existing systems. This German Innovation Award Winner 2019 incorporates locking/unlocking as a stand-alone solution with keypad or RFID card reader – it may be integrated into access control systems or machine controls and has a mechanical emergency opening function.

Matching peripherals include hinges, torque hinges, edge protection and door sealing gaskets, bow handles and aluminium-framed windows for fitment to cabinet doors for inspection purposes.