Elesa develops clamps for display designer

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Portal Devices is a design display company based in the UK offering specialist products and structures for theme parks, planetariums and attractions and even in simulation technology.

The company says that its key objective is to provide engineering solutions and eliminate project difficulties from both an optical and mechanical perspective.


Founder Matt Roberts stated: “We’ve found projection mounts and rigs that don’t live up to the quality required to be a common problem within our industry. They must be reliable for years to come, rigid down to micron levels and robust enough to withstand rough handling. After trying and testing a multitude of machine component providers, finding a balance of strength and weight can become a challenge.” 

In Portal Devices’ case, there was a need for a strong, yet lightweight solution that’s typically used on protective devices, barriers, housings and frames. Elesa not only provided a variety of machine components such as adjustable feet and knobs, but also reacted to the market demand for tube connectors and clamping elements. 

Roberts added: “As we’re so reliant on our connecting clamps to act as the foundation to our new ‘POD’ projector mounts, we recommended this be a production area [Elesa] explore.” 

The company recently worked on an installation that included Elesa tube-clamping components. It said: “It was critical to ensure resistance to background vibration from nearby footfall. We created a high stiffness frame and Elesa’s wide selection of components allowed us to readily design in stable and stiff joints.”  

Next for Elesa is to introduce the new TCC tube connecting clamps; a new product line manufactured with technopolymer, AISI 304 stainless steel, and laboratory-tested to guarantee light-weight, corrosive resistance, and some of the best clamping pressure on the market.