EcoRecord utilises recycled PET

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SK Chemicals has announced that it has used 100% of its recycled polyethylene terephthalate (CR-PET) for Sonopress's new EcoRecord long-playing (LP) records.

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The term CR refers to circular recycling or chemical recycling technology, which enables infinite reuse by breaking down plastic waste to the molecular level and reprocessing it back into raw materials.

Storage media manufacturer Sonopress has developed a new form of LP record that reduces the environmental impact of the manufacturing process. Neither natural gas nor steam is needed to press the discs, and in test operations the energy savings were said to be up to 85% compared to the conventional process.

EcoRecord-LP is produced on a new injection moulding machine with a contact pressure of up to 300 tonnes. Together with other necessary special moulds and additional equipment, also developed entirely by Sonopress, the production line was completed in just a few months. It uses the same injection moulding process that has been used for decades to produce LaserDiscs, CDs, DVDs and other digital storage media.

SK Chemicals developed the EcoRecords in collaboration with its international distribution partner Biesterfeld Plastic.

In an online post, Biesterfeld says that by using PET-CR in Sonopress's EcoRecord music records, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced compared to the previous petroleum-based PET, which meets the needs of consumers who prefer environmentally friendly products. Accordingly, Sonopress plans to expand the use of SK Chemicals' PET-CR to other product groups, starting with this mass-produced packaging.

Sven Deutschmann, CEO of Sonopress, said: "The test series were so encouraging that we have given the green light for extensive investment in the construction of an initial pilot line in the twelve-inch LP format. Life cycle analyses have shown that we can significantly reduce emissions of climate-damaging CO2 with our new process." He adds. "The cooperation with SK Chemicals and Biesterfeld has brought us a decisive step forward in development, and we are now preparing to expand our production capacity."

In addition to Sonopress applications, SK Chemicals is using the CR material for Jeju Samdasoo's RE:Born and has launched the 6℃ Eco Toothbrush with recycled materials in collaboration with KNK. The company is also expanding the scope of recycled materials by launching textiles made of recycled materials developed in collaboration with environmentally friendly social enterprises such as Art Impact and Project 1907.