Choosing an Accuride drawer slide

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Choosing the right Accuride ball-bearing drawer slide is crucial to ensure smooth operation, durability, and functionality in a project.

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Whether users are upgrading kitchen cabinets, designing a storage system, or working on a commercial project, selecting the appropriate drawer slides is essential for a successful outcome. Jet Press is offering information and practical tips for choosing Accuride ball-bearing drawer slides.


One of the primary factors to consider when selecting drawer slides is the load capacity as well as side-mounted or under-mounted slides are necessary. Evaluate the items that will be stored in the drawers and estimate their combined weight. It is crucial to choose drawer slides that can comfortably handle the load without compromising performance or safety. Be sure to account for potential future growth in weight requirements to avoid damage and the need for replacements or repairs down the line. Accuride slides are categorised into three levels: light-duty - up to 50kg, medium-duty – 51-99kg and heavy-duty – 100kg+.


The length of the drawer slides should align with the depth of the drawers in the project. Measure the depth of the drawers and select drawer slides that extend fully to allow easy access to the contents. Avoid choosing slides that are too short, as they may limit the drawer's opening range or hinder its functionality. Consider using drawer slides with over-extension capabilities if full access to the back of the drawer is necessary.


Accuride drawer slides come in various extension types, each offering different levels of access and convenience. The most common types include:

75% Extension: These slides allow the drawer to extend partially, typically about 75% of its depth. They are suitable for applications where full access is not essential or when space constraints need to be considered.

Full Extension: Full extension slides enable the drawer to extend its entire length, providing complete access to the contents. They are ideal for projects where maximum accessibility is desired, such as kitchen cabinets or storage units.

Over-Travel Extension: 100%+ over-travel slides extend beyond the full length of the drawer, allowing access items at the back without obstruction. These slides are beneficial when complete visibility and easy retrieval of items is paramount.

Two-way Travel: These slides can extend their full length in both directions. This feature comes in handy for applications like kitchen islands or home bars.

Consider the specific requirements of the project to determine the most appropriate extension type for the drawer slides.


Drawer slides often come with additional features that can enhance functionality and convenience. Consider the following features:

Easy Close / Soft-close drawer slides use a hydraulic damping system to ensure a controlled and gentle closing motion. They prevent drawers from slamming shut, reducing noise, and protecting the contents.

Self-Close slides feature a closing mechanism with springs but lack a damping cylinder. The drawer member engages in a similar manner as soft-close and upon engagement, the drawer swiftly completes the final inches of its closing distance.

Touch-release slides enable access to the drawer without a handle or pull. By just pressing on the drawer front, a spring-activated mechanism engages to push the drawer outward and simply closes by pushing the drawer all the way back in.

Detachable Slide Members: Some drawer slides have detachable slide members, allowing for easy installation, removal, or maintenance of the drawers.

Locking Mechanism: If security is a concern, consider drawer slides with a locking mechanism. These slides keep the drawers securely closed and prevent unauthorised access.

Disconnect Feature: Drawer slides with a disconnect feature allow users to remove the drawer from the slides for easy cleaning, repairs, or customisation.


Lastly, consider the environmental conditions in which the drawer slides will be used. If the project involves areas with high humidity, exposure to moisture, or frequent cleaning, opt for drawer slides specifically designed to withstand such conditions. Stainless steel drawer slides with corrosion-resistant properties and appropriate surface finishes are ideal for these environments.